Saturday, May 26, 2012

Outside Money Making The Race A Rich Man's Game : NPR

The citizens of the US are no longer a determining factor in political elections.With SuperPacs and unlimited funding within the "political business" only the wealthiest Americans voices are heard.Where these super rich people once remained in the shadows and tried to remain hidden,they are now openly and arrogantly stepping forward and pushing their self centered agendas with no fear or regard for the unfair means they use to hoard unimaginable wealth.The United States of America no longer stands as a country of equality and freedom,it has become the model of the "new cast system".Fat cat billionaires openly proclaim that through huge sums of money and with the aid of professional campaign firms,they are placing their own hand selected candidates in not only the White House but Congress as well.A sad day has come to the US and along with the loss of the majority of civil liberties the loss of the power of the vote is now another page in history.The American Dream has become just that,a dream.The end of liberty and freedom is at hand and a new era of feudal hierarchy has begun.All chances of peacefully influencing the laws and policies as well as fair majority rule have gone the way of the dinosaur.
It is said that history repeats itself and apparently the citizens of the US are witnessing first hand the rise of the Roman empire once again.The term "free man" and "citizen" are no longer a right that is inalienable but have become the birth right of the few super rich.If American citizens can watch and read the reports of this tragic aggressive take over without outrage and a call to arms then every man,woman and child that has died to defend this country have died for nothing but a lie and whim.To the patriotic American citizen an open and uninhibited report such as the one below should be seen as an attack on the sovereignty of the US and should be set right with the most extreme prejudice.For men to arrogantly tout that the President was placed in office by the super rich shows the disregard for the Constitution and is clearly nothing more than treasonous and base and should be dealt with with immediate and resolute unity of the 99% in whatever means needed to throw down this assault.With dealing with such arrogant self entitlement nothing nor no one should be given quarter if found in association or compliance with this disgusting perversion of the American way of life.Citizens of the US and the world the time to set right these blatant corrupt men and to set an example has come.
Eric J Fleming
Read the article and interviews from NPR below,steady yourself to be sickened.
Outside Money Making The Race A Rich Man's Game : NPR

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