Saturday, May 5, 2012

At Sept. 11 Trial, Military Commissions Face Scrutiny : NPR

 No matter how appalling the attacks of Sept.11 2001 may be as a people and a country we should not drop our standards in any circumstance or the death of the men,women,and children and the service men and women since that day are all in vain. As a people we must not allow our government to continue to disregard everything this country has represented and lower the values that our fathers sons and daughters have fought to uphold.In dropping below our standards we effectively allow the terror groups to win in their quest to "change" or "mark"the US. We should remind the public servants that have been "elected "by the citizens that they are there to represent the citizen and abide by the Constitution of the US.More and more the US has begun to resemble the countries that we are at war with rather than remaining a model of justice,liberty and good in the world.How much longer are we going to let men act beyond the legal boundaries that are set by the Constitution?Are we so complacent that we are indifferent to the fact that our image is one of greed and impunity?Does the fact that even our closest allies have begun to view the US with disdain and suspicion? Is Obama an American with American values or does he even have any control over the rogue agencies that are under his command?
At Sept. 11 Trial, Military Commissions Face Scrutiny : NPR

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