Saturday, May 12, 2012

The NSA has been declared unaccountable and above investigation by the supreme court.The beginning of the end.

Apparently the NSA(National Security Agency)does not now or will ever have to disclose any information or activities that it does not want to disclose.Are these people that are currently in the highest levels of government so ignorant or uneducated that they can not see the inherent danger in giving any agency this type of power?Do these people have any intellect what so ever? In actuality what this says is that the NSA can do what ever it wants whenever and however with no regard to any law and answers to no one.This ignorant ruling by ridiculously inadequate or corrupt people has signed sealed and solidified the NSA as the most powerful agency on the planet.No other body rules above this questionable agency with solid ruling such as this,so the heads of this agency can essentially retain their power and dance around and trample over the laws and any rights of American citizens that it sees fit because it has no one to answer to and no one can investigate any of it's actions and since it does not have to disclose any information it could assassinate as many Americans or control any market,or toy with any government it sees fit with absolutely no oversight.The alarming reality of this is that the NSA can and most definitely will become the governing body of the US in time.
To the ignorant judges that have just created the monster of the future,any and all blood and sorrow that stems from this ridiculously idiotic ruling will be on your hands and on your legacy.After much disparity your names will go down in history as the enablers of this terrible beginning to the most infamous agency the world has ever known.In this understanding may you realize that even your children and children's children will undoubtedly suffer from your lack of cognitive ability to reason above your delusional self superiority and denial.For they shall be no different from any other in the face of this monster you have set upon America.Your lack of vision and clouded minds have put but another nail in the coffin of what was once a great nation.For what gain do you trade our God given rights away?Is it monetary?For your power is as short lived as the civil liberties of the citizens of the land.Your arrogance and delusion is disgusting and pathetic.The oathes you muttered upon appointment are as meaningless as you have now become upon giving this agency power above even your rule. Idiots.
see the unfortunate article below.
Court rules that Google-NSA spy ties can remain secret –

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