Thursday, August 9, 2012

Technology and poverty,what will the future hold?

Man as a species has broken the bonds suffered by all other life forms that exist on this world.The ability to manipulate our surroundings have given mankind a life of comfort and prosperity that is truly unique in the reality in which we exist.Medical advances are increasing life span and quality of life and breakthroughs in science and industry are revolutionary.
While caught up in the buzz of discovery and innovation mankind has possibly overlooked some important issues with technological development.Although it my seem unlikely,many new advances in tech could very possibly create a regression in prosperity and quality of life for the entire human species. This regression will start at the poverty level first and creep it's way all the way to the super rich if not put into check.
One such dangerous technological break through is additive manufacturing or "3d printing".While this type of creation or manufacturing is largely unheard of it has already started changing they way corporations view manufacturing.3d printing reduces the amount of material,time,and manpower needed to produce virtually ANY item imaginable. Entire production and assembly lines have been and will be replaced by a handful of 3d printers.This technology will and has begun to eliminate millions of jobs within the middle class and on down through the poor. At present many 3d printers are capable of using multiple types of material without the limits conventional manufacturing,combination printers can for example ,produce an automotive alternator with only the push of a button and when completed all moving parts and electronics are totally functional.A cad drawing or blue print will be loaded into a regular pc and then a real world product will be constructed by applying layers until the desired item is totally complete.Totally functional when removed from the printing device.This technology will end the existence of foundries,machine shops,steel mills,plastics manufacturers,even glass and ceramic producers.
Today manufacturing companies are tooling up 3d printers to create more advanced 3d printers and many sectors of the science and technology world are even very close to completing 3d printers that will replicate autonomous drone worker robots for mining the asteroid belt.The inherent danger in this type of technology seems like something from a bad science fiction novel but the fact is that it isn't fiction.
Adding to this change in the global workforce will be the autonomous vehicle.Many people are not aware that Google has created the first totally autonomous automobile and now many states have created new laws allowing these robotic vehicles to acquire learner's driving permits.This in it's self is an issue that no one can really accurately predict because no one can be sure what may happen.Though cars learning to drive themselves seems bad enough the real threat of this advancement comes from the vast numbers of truck drivers,taxi drivers,and other delivery service drivers.Imagine if every large and small commercial truck seen on the interstates were being piloted by an onboard computer.A human driver that has to stop for food and rest and other bodily demands cannot compete with a machine that feels no fatigue or attachment to family,making robotic drivers more economically viable than human drivers.All the while doing whatever they are instructed to do with out error.With the new technological boundaries lifted by 3d printing,new and unusual robotics will be possible and soon autonomous vehicles will have their very own support robots for loading ,unloading,and roadside emergencies.The lack of removable or accessible parts due to 3d printing along with robotic mechanics will weaken the demand for auto repair specialist and general mechanics.
Technology is growing a incredible rates and the world and way we live will soon change so profoundly that many people will be totally unable to keep up with the rate of change,creating more and deeper divisions within society and quite possibly a break down of society as we know it today.
Nothing is for certain but the fact that we cannot begin to predict what dangers lie ahead for the citizens of the world.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Poverty The enemy that is ignored.

In the US presidential candidates are standing on stages and battling back and fourth with their mud slinging tactics and boldly claiming to be trying to help the middle class. It's middle class this and middle class that while ignoring the citizens that are in the most desperate need of protecting,the poor.The numbers of people living at or below the poverty line has skyrocketed in recent years to a crippling high of 16 %.One out of every three Americans are hovering dangerously close to the poverty level or living below it. The tragedy of being poor is often viewed by those more fortunate as laziness or inability to compete on a intellectual level,but according to research and investigation this is a misconception.Yes there are some small percentage of people who are in poverty that have made bad decisions and or haven't put forth their best effort to work,but the vast majority of people living in poverty are employed and working as hard as possible to provide for their families.
Why then is there so much poverty?There are many reason that the US is losing or has already lost the war on poverty and the biggest reason being a failing economy.Which has come from a fundamental drop in moral fiber within the wealthiest of Americans.Low business ethics lowered average wages,moving jobs oversees to increase profit,are but a few of the reasons Americans are trapped within poverty.The unpunished criminal behavior of Wall Street bankers left not only the US in financial upheaval but also bankrupted several entire countries around the globe.Has anything truly been done to prevent this type of bad business?No in fact impoverished peoples of the US help to bail out these corrupt and morally lacking individuals who received nothing more than a slap on the wrist. All the while Obama and Romney spew lies and false hope to the weakening middle class in contest for the next term in office. One thing you will not hear on the campaign trail is any attempt or stance to stop the corrupt shadow wars in third world countries and policies to take up arms against poverty.
Poverty equals dependence and dependence equates to nothing more but a means of control by the US government.People who rely on food stamps and government aide are in no position to stand in opposition to big government.Biting the hand that feeds is not an option for the poor.This type of control has been the norm through out the history of the human species and is on the rise again here in the land of equal opportunity.The ever increasing wealth gap between the ultra wealthy and the very poor is increasing and this problem is being ramped up by the super rich politicians which have taken control of the US government.Policy makers within the hallowed halls of government twist and skew law to fit the agendas of their super rich peers to ever increase the strangle hold on the common people of the US.This is but another tactic in the toppling of the Constitution of the US and is easily overlooked or ignored by most Americans due to a ridiculous perception of the as being "less"or "too sorry to work".
The blind denial of middle class citizens and false hope spewed by fat cat career politicians has effectively blinded most Americans to the possibility of joining the poor.Within the next 50 years the middle class will disappear and only a very few will join the ranks of the wealthy with the vast majority becoming dependent on state aide for survival.
Ever wonder how many Americans that hold office within the federal and state government were poor before being elected?The number is an astounding zero.This is not natural selection of the best qualified for the job it is a symptom of a politically corrupt hold on power.The candidate that wins is the candidate that is most easily led and controlled by established heads of power.This is the root of poverty within the US,not uneducated lazy citizens,but ridiculously corrupt unqualified cronies that can neither do the job in which the hold nor have the moral fiber to do the right thing on any level.With the exception of the elected officials that are intellectually incapable of seeing the corruption and blindly supporting their party.
The economy in recent years is a testament to the failure of the party system within government and should be a clear indication that the most wealthy Americans might have been lucky in financial pursuits but are not intellectual enough to see the consequences of their scramble to accumulate as much wealth as possible.The poor and lower middle class of Americans determine the health of any economy due to the amount of money they spend.Statistically the poor and lower middle class make up about 70% of flowing cash and business in any economy.This would imply that if the poor and lower middle class have no money to spend then every financial class will eventually suffer and in the end there will be the very few super rich and then everyone else.During this decline the US will become ever more dependent on foreign investing which will sway foreign policy and give control to powers that operate outside the US and quite possibly enemies of the US.For any who cannot see the decline of the US on a socio-economic level it is time to open your eyes and take a hard look at the US on everyday street corners.Then take an objective and thorough look into the laws and policies created by Washington and what effect it actually has on the people.Nothing in recent years has been done to end poverty in the opposite many things have been done to increase it.
The only way the middle class will avoid poverty and the poor will escape it is by changing the group in control of Washington.To end poverty cleansing of government is the only real solution.The elimination of the two party system along with striking down all of the Constitutionally illegal laws passed recently along with illegal laws passed early in the last century to hold back independents from coming to power.
Alas few Americans can see through the propaganda and self denial of the impending storm and before the citizens of this land take a stand many will suffer.The cloud of fear and self importance is a fog that most cannot see through and will be the blockade that stops this land from becoming the great land it could potentially become.If we as a people are very lucky we will unite before many die and suffer needlessly for the gain of the few.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Every week there are more and more disturbing events occurring within the governing body of the US,from passing laws that are contrary to The Constitution to The CIA's drone war and invasion of sovereign countries.The people of the US are facing not only enemies abroad but from within the halls of government.These issues present a very dangerous time for the US,and it is self evident that the "Red Blooded American " is alone in this valley of the shadows.The mainstream media that most people have grown to trust in the past for the critical information needed has betrayed the very hand that feeds and offers no help in this dark time in American history.The rights of American Citizens have diminished dramatically and privacy in reality no longer exists within the US.The NSA monitors every electronic form of communication used,Federal agencies can watch anyone at anytime with satellites with out any court order,Local and Federal agencies can now legally operate drones in the skies above America,and internet giants like Google and Facebook log internet activity and hand it over to government agencies,and on practically every street corner you can see surveillance equipment.The CIA has even laughed and admitted that soon they will be watching the citizen through their household appliances.The DHS has grown into a heavily armed and armor equipped force,even the IRS has been given it's own paramilitary type force.It is time for the public to drop the denial and delusions,the US is arming herself against her people.This treasonous act is being pursued more and more rapidly by the elected officials that have been entrusted with the defense of the people,and with the utmost contempt and hypocrisy the government openly condemns other governments that are in reality doing nothing different than the US government.
The President talks from both sides of his face and unfortunately mixes misinformation,deception and lies within his every public address removing any trust or merit.The CIA is waging wars that are unsupported and unregulated within the borders of other countries,killing civilians and friendly troops with no regard to the sovereignty of these countries.The White House and Pentagon release false reports on foreign policy and events,making claims that the war on terror has been won and have begun to draw troops from Afghanistan.Yet F-22's and F-16's are being deployed to undisclosed air bases within southern Asia.Decommissioned naval vessels have been called back into service and sent to the Persian Gulf while Washington says that there is not intent for war.The American public is being held in the dark and without any control of the direction the US takes.The stage is set,the pieces now line the board all that's left to be done is one emergency situation and martial law will be imposed.We are headed to a black hole and are nearing the event horizon and from there escape will be next to impossible,at the least bloody.Why are we being kept in the dark?The day is nearing ,how will the people of the US handle the coming attack on their very idea of life

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Outside Money Making The Race A Rich Man's Game : NPR

The citizens of the US are no longer a determining factor in political elections.With SuperPacs and unlimited funding within the "political business" only the wealthiest Americans voices are heard.Where these super rich people once remained in the shadows and tried to remain hidden,they are now openly and arrogantly stepping forward and pushing their self centered agendas with no fear or regard for the unfair means they use to hoard unimaginable wealth.The United States of America no longer stands as a country of equality and freedom,it has become the model of the "new cast system".Fat cat billionaires openly proclaim that through huge sums of money and with the aid of professional campaign firms,they are placing their own hand selected candidates in not only the White House but Congress as well.A sad day has come to the US and along with the loss of the majority of civil liberties the loss of the power of the vote is now another page in history.The American Dream has become just that,a dream.The end of liberty and freedom is at hand and a new era of feudal hierarchy has begun.All chances of peacefully influencing the laws and policies as well as fair majority rule have gone the way of the dinosaur.
It is said that history repeats itself and apparently the citizens of the US are witnessing first hand the rise of the Roman empire once again.The term "free man" and "citizen" are no longer a right that is inalienable but have become the birth right of the few super rich.If American citizens can watch and read the reports of this tragic aggressive take over without outrage and a call to arms then every man,woman and child that has died to defend this country have died for nothing but a lie and whim.To the patriotic American citizen an open and uninhibited report such as the one below should be seen as an attack on the sovereignty of the US and should be set right with the most extreme prejudice.For men to arrogantly tout that the President was placed in office by the super rich shows the disregard for the Constitution and is clearly nothing more than treasonous and base and should be dealt with with immediate and resolute unity of the 99% in whatever means needed to throw down this assault.With dealing with such arrogant self entitlement nothing nor no one should be given quarter if found in association or compliance with this disgusting perversion of the American way of life.Citizens of the US and the world the time to set right these blatant corrupt men and to set an example has come.
Eric J Fleming
Read the article and interviews from NPR below,steady yourself to be sickened.
Outside Money Making The Race A Rich Man's Game : NPR

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spying and profiling Muslims in New Jersey is apparently fine — RT

The US has always been the model of justice and moderation but the powers that be have begun a paranoid violation of the rights of the people it is supposed to protect
Spying and profiling Muslims in New Jersey is apparently fine — RT

The shadow wars

Article on the US's shadow wars and the new policies of the US government
The shadow wars

Sunday, May 20, 2012

NDAA 2012 even more ominous

The NDAA 2012 has stirred a huge amount of controversy since it's silent transition into law on new years eve.The law mysteriously includes sections on the military having legal authority to police the citizens of the US on US soil as well as provisions of allowing the indefinite detention without fair trial or any representation of any who are deemed as terrorist,those aiding terrorist,affiliates of or providing any degree of support to terror groups or associated forces. There is no wording that specifically says that citizens of the US can be targeted but there is no wording protecting citizens either.There is however a section that states that the Executive branch may use it's own judgement when considering indefinite detention for American citizens and is not mandatory to detain indefinitely or refuse due process to Americans.This implies that the military and Executive branch can detain US citizens forever and refuse to allow US citizens due process if they see fit.
A group of journalists filed a lawsuit against the Federal government due to this inclusion stating that this law is in offense of the their rights as provided by the Constitution and the vague and broad wording could be used to arrest and detain journalists which wrongfully suppresses freedom of speech and freedom of the press.Earlier this week a supreme court judge ruled in favor of the journalists stating that the law is in offense to the Constitutional rights of the journalists and in violation of the Constitution itself. Although this ruling is a great victory for the citizens of the US and civil liberty it may be a ruling that is ignored by the federal government. Congress has put down attempts to remove the section authorizing the President and the military power to police the citizens of the US "in time of war and peace"This surprising and alarming series of events comes even after the constituents of most congressmen have flooded web sites with mail in opposition to the law.At the same time many states and individual cities have put legislation in place stating that they do not see the NDAA 2012 as legal and IS unlawful,also stating that they would not comply with federal policing and detaining citizens without due process. So why, in good conscience ,would members of congress be so rock solid in protecting the sections on indefinite detention and Pres/military power? Why would any true American allow this law to be passed to begin with?Supporters of the sections on indefinite detention and citizens say that this inclusion does not grant any new authority that laws are already in place that allow the very same authority.So this being the case why are these words even included buried deep within the NDAA2012 which is a defense budget? Why also only 7 members of Congress voted in opposition to this law both in it's first appearance and since it was ruled as un Constitutional by the supreme court?It seems odd that this Congress has been determined to be the most partisan in US history and has accomplished less than any other that has come before would vote almost unanimously in favor of this attack on civil liberty.
Along with many other recent un Constitutional laws the citizen of the US has seriously lost the majority of freedom as given by the Constitution and Barak Obama has surprisingly surpassed even Bush jr in working to remove citizens rights and privacy.Since the Congress almost unanimously passed HR-347 citizens have lost the legal right to peacefully protest within line of sight of any government building or individual under secret service protection.Between the two these laws have almost totally removed the ability of citizens to influence even the smallest government policy or decision.Along with these incredible attacks on citizens rights,the EO and FCC and FAA have made it legal to monitor and record US citizens by use of any electronic communication,satellites,and drones. Privacy is literally gone,no American citizen has the right to any degree of privacy any longer.Why aren't more Americans alarmed and outraged by this?Denial,complacency,ignorance and delusion cloud the people of the US.Where US citizens were once laughed at for being so gullible and stupid by citizens of other countries now the sentiment is of empathy and pity.People from other countries are alarmed and saddened that the citizens of this great land have almost totally become oppressed and do not even realize the extent of their situation..
It is a sad and dark time in which we find ourselves my fellow Americans.A time of rampant corruption and greed running unchecked and unchallenged within the sacred halls of this great land.Men of questionable morals wage wars inside other countries without our knowledge or approval,using tactics and equipment that many around the globe consider unconventional and illegal under the Geneva Convention. No country's borders are being considered sovereign and thousands of innocent civilians have been killed in these shadow wars.All the while here at home our elected public servants that receive tax dollars as payment for representing our interests are effectively removing our rights to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Our economy has been devastated by incompetent corruption at the highest levels and tax dollars have been given to less than honest or ethical corporations to save them from bankruptcy.The amount of un accountable loss of tax dollars has exceeded 9 trillion dollars since the year 2000 ,and no investigation has been called for by any branch of the US government.It is a time for serious thought and all Americans need to come to terms with who they are and just what they are willing to accept and what value and ideas do they stand for. We teach our children in schools and home that this is the land of the free and the home of the brave yet we sit while a few men take everything our fathers,sons,wives,daughters and fellow Americans have fought and died to provide and protect.
How long America? How many more have to suffer and die in ridiculous wars fought not for freedom but in the interests of shadow groups and foreign powers that hold the debt that corruption created?This is your country,our country not the land of the 1% and the corrupt.How long? 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

3 Accused Of Planning Attack On Obama's Chicago HQ : NPR

The police state begins in Chicago.When more security guards walk the streets of Chicago on a weekend than residents something very wrong is happening in the US. Three young men were arrested in what appears to be a false flag event that allows local and federal law enforcement to legally take control of Chicago and implement martial law.The young men are being charged with terrorism which essentially removes any rights or protection by the Constitution,although it is suspected that in a show of good faith the men will be allowed some rights.This will be an attempt to keep down dissention and have the outward appearance of following due process even though bail has been set at 1.5million dollars.What average American could meet such a ridiculously high bail?Many murderers and rapists do not receive such an unattainable  number.
So it begins,and sadly by all the signs lately the may not be an end very soon.In the following year do not be surprised if many more Americans are not wrongfully charged with some form of terrorism or the like.All the Americans that blindly support the government and corrupt elect3ed officials are soon to get the America the have been asking for.An America that seems more like 1970's Soviet Bloc provinces than a free country.
What a sign to show the world.If the attacks of 911 were perpetrated by terrorists then the current state at which the US resides is a cause for every terrorist around the world to celebrate victory.This was the goal of terrorist attack on the US,and due to idiots in the top levels of state and federal government that goal has been achieved.The terrorist have won the US is beaten. Since 911 we have lost most of our civil liberties and now stand to lose any rights that remain. It's time to wake up America,not one man is more important or better than any other according to the Bible and the Constitution.These are inalienable rights and due to complacency,denial and an attempt by corporate America to over throw the Constitution they are being taken away. It is time for the people of this great land to stand up and demand change and the government to release control back to the people.If the citizens of the US do not unify and stand together and act on these wrongs within our lifetime we will literally live under the rule of an evil empire. It has begun,the players are on the field and the buzzer has sounded.What we the people of America do? We shall see soon.
3 Accused Of Planning Attack On Obama's Chicago HQ : NPR

Friday, May 18, 2012

DEA Involvement in Latin America: Questioning U.S. Drug War Strategies | The Global Minute

Another example of a failed foreign policy that demonizes the US and it's unsuspecting citizens.Making bitter driven enemies on all fronts seem to be the ultimate goal within the halls of government.America needs to gain control of the reckless and backward policies that questionable men in office pursue.
See the article below
DEA Involvement in Latin America: Questioning U.S. Drug War Strategies | The Global Minute

Political Parade thoughts on Obama's aggressive attack on press freedom.

Why is the Obama administration so aggressively trying to bully the press?What are the reasons behind the subpoenas and appeals from DOJ? The Obama administration needs to back off of their assault on the Constitution from every angle.Obama and his corrupt corporate cronies are beginning to walk on the razor's edge and appears they don't really care that the public opinion of their actions has begun to turn from alarm to anger.The NSA and CIA have become rogue entities that act above all oversight and quite literally "do whatever  the hell they want",and the American people should reign in these out of control criminals before they end up causing the needless harm of US citizens by way of terrorist reprisal or from underworld evil false flag attacks by the agencies themselves. They have self approved the rights to do whatever they want to do in the name of "Freedom".Give me a break this corrupt men with blood soaked hands have not a shred of descent American Patriotism within them.If they did they wouldn't be violating civil liberties and working above the law.
What is Barack Obama afraid will leak out? This is just another of Obama's less than honest and questionable moves. If the Pres has nothing to hide along with NSA and CIA why are they so worried? They are worried because they either want to do something that the people of the US will not approve of or they have already done something that the people will not approve of. Either way these acts can be seen as criminal and Obama and his "buddies"in the spy world should be investigated with extreme prejudice and if or when any illegal activity has been discovered should be punished to the fullest extent of the LAW.
The people of the US have suffered fools such as these for too many years.Too many sons,daughter,husbands and fathers have paid the ultimate price for the lies and dishonest activities of the corrupt criminals in Washington. This country does not belong to the idiotic elite that are attempting to take total control.They are not intellectual enough to lead anyway,this is all too evident for the citizens of this country.The economy is broken and quite possibly will not weather the storm of idiots in control.Foreign policy has turned from being the model of justice and good to the world's evil empire.This is not due to the people of the US it is due to the immoral and criminal ridiculous behavior of insane madmen allowed to infiltrate our government by greedy fat waisted career politicians who need to get a job and pull their weight instead of bleeding the people of the US.
Eric J Fleming
See the article below for the outrageous behavior of the people we elect and pay to defend and protect us.
'Reporter's Privilege' Under Fire From Obama Administration Amid Broader War On Leaks

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Homeland Battlefield Act Portion Found Unconstitutional By New York Judge

Another major court ruling is handed down ruling that the provisions of the NDAA 2012 on detention of citizens seen to be "affiliates" or "associated" with terror groups,is un-Constitutional and the definitions outlined are too vague and broad.This is seen as a great victory for civil liberty and free speech and shows a trend of "Americans becoming active in reversing the damage that has been done to liberty by questionable members of government".This is a growing trend and should be the top priority of all US citizens,and should be elevated to the level of cleansing of corruption within big government.Where the citizens of the US purge the shadowy figures and special interest lobbyists from the halls of government along with their "associated forces or affiliates".
Homeland Battlefield Act Portion Found Unconstitutional By New York Judge

Obama Campaign Raises $43.6 Million in April | PBS NewsHour

This is why the people of the US have no influence upon elected officials.This is fundamentally ridiculous to allow "legal bribery" or actually this is quite literally being an employee working on behalf of and for the interest of the entity producing the money.That we have allowed the Dems and Repubs to bend and twist the law making process to protect and strengthen their ability to "work"the system,seems strange. . As long as we ignorantly allow this openly corrupt practice we hand over any ability to have a voice in the decision process to the corporate sector.
Obama Campaign Raises $43.6 Million in April | PBS NewsHour