Saturday, May 12, 2012

Carrol Shelby R.I.P.

Carrol Shelby the sports car icon and legend died yesterday at 89 years old.Mr.Shelby was responsible for putting the US on the national racing chart in the 1960's by taking the European racing scene by storm with American v-8 muscle.Designer of the specialty line of Ford Mustang Cobras and Shelby Cobras and the iconic Shelby Cobra 427 sportster then again in the 1980's with the Mopar line of turbo 4 cylinder Shelbys that helped breath new life into Dodge.Returning to muscle-up Mustangs in the 1990's and on into the next century.Carrol Shelby is name that goes hand in hand with American brute force high performance and his death marks the passing of a beloved legend within the high performance sector.No single man can be known to have the credit of so many race inspired creations and his name defines an era of American performance and racing within the world of cars.

Rest In Piece Mr. Shelby,your legend will live on within the hearts and minds of teenagers young and old through out the world.


  1. R.I.P. Mr Shelby...A man with tremendous vision when it comes to what the public might want in a car. Any other detailed comments should be kept to ourselves out of true respect....


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