Sunday, May 20, 2012

NDAA 2012 even more ominous

The NDAA 2012 has stirred a huge amount of controversy since it's silent transition into law on new years eve.The law mysteriously includes sections on the military having legal authority to police the citizens of the US on US soil as well as provisions of allowing the indefinite detention without fair trial or any representation of any who are deemed as terrorist,those aiding terrorist,affiliates of or providing any degree of support to terror groups or associated forces. There is no wording that specifically says that citizens of the US can be targeted but there is no wording protecting citizens either.There is however a section that states that the Executive branch may use it's own judgement when considering indefinite detention for American citizens and is not mandatory to detain indefinitely or refuse due process to Americans.This implies that the military and Executive branch can detain US citizens forever and refuse to allow US citizens due process if they see fit.
A group of journalists filed a lawsuit against the Federal government due to this inclusion stating that this law is in offense of the their rights as provided by the Constitution and the vague and broad wording could be used to arrest and detain journalists which wrongfully suppresses freedom of speech and freedom of the press.Earlier this week a supreme court judge ruled in favor of the journalists stating that the law is in offense to the Constitutional rights of the journalists and in violation of the Constitution itself. Although this ruling is a great victory for the citizens of the US and civil liberty it may be a ruling that is ignored by the federal government. Congress has put down attempts to remove the section authorizing the President and the military power to police the citizens of the US "in time of war and peace"This surprising and alarming series of events comes even after the constituents of most congressmen have flooded web sites with mail in opposition to the law.At the same time many states and individual cities have put legislation in place stating that they do not see the NDAA 2012 as legal and IS unlawful,also stating that they would not comply with federal policing and detaining citizens without due process. So why, in good conscience ,would members of congress be so rock solid in protecting the sections on indefinite detention and Pres/military power? Why would any true American allow this law to be passed to begin with?Supporters of the sections on indefinite detention and citizens say that this inclusion does not grant any new authority that laws are already in place that allow the very same authority.So this being the case why are these words even included buried deep within the NDAA2012 which is a defense budget? Why also only 7 members of Congress voted in opposition to this law both in it's first appearance and since it was ruled as un Constitutional by the supreme court?It seems odd that this Congress has been determined to be the most partisan in US history and has accomplished less than any other that has come before would vote almost unanimously in favor of this attack on civil liberty.
Along with many other recent un Constitutional laws the citizen of the US has seriously lost the majority of freedom as given by the Constitution and Barak Obama has surprisingly surpassed even Bush jr in working to remove citizens rights and privacy.Since the Congress almost unanimously passed HR-347 citizens have lost the legal right to peacefully protest within line of sight of any government building or individual under secret service protection.Between the two these laws have almost totally removed the ability of citizens to influence even the smallest government policy or decision.Along with these incredible attacks on citizens rights,the EO and FCC and FAA have made it legal to monitor and record US citizens by use of any electronic communication,satellites,and drones. Privacy is literally gone,no American citizen has the right to any degree of privacy any longer.Why aren't more Americans alarmed and outraged by this?Denial,complacency,ignorance and delusion cloud the people of the US.Where US citizens were once laughed at for being so gullible and stupid by citizens of other countries now the sentiment is of empathy and pity.People from other countries are alarmed and saddened that the citizens of this great land have almost totally become oppressed and do not even realize the extent of their situation..
It is a sad and dark time in which we find ourselves my fellow Americans.A time of rampant corruption and greed running unchecked and unchallenged within the sacred halls of this great land.Men of questionable morals wage wars inside other countries without our knowledge or approval,using tactics and equipment that many around the globe consider unconventional and illegal under the Geneva Convention. No country's borders are being considered sovereign and thousands of innocent civilians have been killed in these shadow wars.All the while here at home our elected public servants that receive tax dollars as payment for representing our interests are effectively removing our rights to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Our economy has been devastated by incompetent corruption at the highest levels and tax dollars have been given to less than honest or ethical corporations to save them from bankruptcy.The amount of un accountable loss of tax dollars has exceeded 9 trillion dollars since the year 2000 ,and no investigation has been called for by any branch of the US government.It is a time for serious thought and all Americans need to come to terms with who they are and just what they are willing to accept and what value and ideas do they stand for. We teach our children in schools and home that this is the land of the free and the home of the brave yet we sit while a few men take everything our fathers,sons,wives,daughters and fellow Americans have fought and died to provide and protect.
How long America? How many more have to suffer and die in ridiculous wars fought not for freedom but in the interests of shadow groups and foreign powers that hold the debt that corruption created?This is your country,our country not the land of the 1% and the corrupt.How long? 

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