Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Overwhelming military-type response" - Oakland cops could face sanctions for OWS actions — RT

"Overwhelming military-type response" - Oakland cops could face sanctions for OWS actions — RT
By vast accounts of brutality from law enforcement officers,it is quite clear that these"public servants" have become confused as to the definitions of "To Protect and Serve".An alarming number of recorded,documented,and witnessed accounts of police brutality are like a steady stream from practically every big city within the US.At some point there should be a review on the material used by police academies when training new recruits,apparently there is confusing language pertaining to American Citizens exercising 1rst Amendment rights. If that does not seem to help then there should possibly be some sort of anger/aggression/IQ/citizenship testing that has to be completed before new recruits are accepted .This type of SS behavior is totally unacceptable,and is creating an oncoming clash that will almost certainly turn bloody for both sides.
To all law enforcement officers-Where did you attend grade school?Did they have courses on Social Studies and or American History?Do you have the cognitive ability to understand that by attacking the 1rst amendment rights of citizens you are also attacking your own 1rst amendment rights?Are you capable of considering that maybe the right thing to do is not what your commanding officer instructs you to do.Maybe you can process this-By attacking the rights of US citizens that are guaranteed by the Constitution of the US you are attacking the sovereignty of the US and committing an act of treason.If you need time to use a dictionary feel free to do so.
There seems to be some confusion to the definition of "PublicServant" within many public  service sectors and a shift from the idea of the American citizen being the most important link in this democratic society to  general disdain,suspicion and superiority of the American citizen.This is fundamentally backward thinking and should be corrected before nation wide opinion of law enforcement officers drop to a violent level.

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