Saturday, May 5, 2012

Group Aiming To Bypass Party Politics Hits Bumps : NPR

As more and more Americans grow weary of the "big two" and their corrupt partisan bickering support for a third party grows.The US has been held hostage by the Dems and Repubs for over a hundred years and our foreign policies and economy are showing the signs of a limited choice of candidates.When there is only two choices in an election and those choices are determined by the party crony system instead of skill and qualifications what you end up with are elected officials that are not qualified for leadership roles.This is where the US stands today as the economy is in shambles and enemies abroad grow exponentially. This along with allowing SuperPacs and private funding of campaigns has effectively immersed the government of the US in corruption and incompetence.This is why the only bills that the"big two"can agree on are the ones that remove citizen's rights and secure the career politicians a place within the governing body.Even though this new party and their beliefs are questionable(due to the majority being from Dem or Rep parties),this small step is a step forward in the right direction.By introducing a strong contender into the fray,the other two will have to choose to back the candidates in their party that are more qualified for the job,where the normal backing would go to the candidate that "tows the party line"Expect to see more bizarre and Constitutionally illegal moves from Washington as dis-approval grows and competition becomes more of a threat.
Eric J Fleming
See NPR report below.
Group Aiming To Bypass Party Politics Hits Bumps : NPR

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