Saturday, May 19, 2012

3 Accused Of Planning Attack On Obama's Chicago HQ : NPR

The police state begins in Chicago.When more security guards walk the streets of Chicago on a weekend than residents something very wrong is happening in the US. Three young men were arrested in what appears to be a false flag event that allows local and federal law enforcement to legally take control of Chicago and implement martial law.The young men are being charged with terrorism which essentially removes any rights or protection by the Constitution,although it is suspected that in a show of good faith the men will be allowed some rights.This will be an attempt to keep down dissention and have the outward appearance of following due process even though bail has been set at 1.5million dollars.What average American could meet such a ridiculously high bail?Many murderers and rapists do not receive such an unattainable  number.
So it begins,and sadly by all the signs lately the may not be an end very soon.In the following year do not be surprised if many more Americans are not wrongfully charged with some form of terrorism or the like.All the Americans that blindly support the government and corrupt elect3ed officials are soon to get the America the have been asking for.An America that seems more like 1970's Soviet Bloc provinces than a free country.
What a sign to show the world.If the attacks of 911 were perpetrated by terrorists then the current state at which the US resides is a cause for every terrorist around the world to celebrate victory.This was the goal of terrorist attack on the US,and due to idiots in the top levels of state and federal government that goal has been achieved.The terrorist have won the US is beaten. Since 911 we have lost most of our civil liberties and now stand to lose any rights that remain. It's time to wake up America,not one man is more important or better than any other according to the Bible and the Constitution.These are inalienable rights and due to complacency,denial and an attempt by corporate America to over throw the Constitution they are being taken away. It is time for the people of this great land to stand up and demand change and the government to release control back to the people.If the citizens of the US do not unify and stand together and act on these wrongs within our lifetime we will literally live under the rule of an evil empire. It has begun,the players are on the field and the buzzer has sounded.What we the people of America do? We shall see soon.
3 Accused Of Planning Attack On Obama's Chicago HQ : NPR

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