Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Obama's war is apparently none of your concern.

Several weeks ago an article released here in the darkside explained reports by military and private sources that the US was amassing F-15 e's and F-22 Raptors at an undisclosed location in around or near the Arabian peninsula .Further sightings of naval supply and forward operating base ships along with destroyers have been mysteriously reported along the African coast.New clues are pointing to another undisclosed full out war with most probably terrorist groups from Yemen and or Somalia.So why does the government keep conducting these combat raids and shadow operations with out announcing publicly that we are once again   engaged in  all out war?The attitude Obama and the intelligence agencies have is that the citizens of the US are not intelligent enough to understand politics and foreign policies or the incredibly ridiculous and growing deficit. Reports from the area near the Arabian Peninsula claim that for at least the last two days F-15 E's have been conducting missions back to back non stop heading south with full bomb loads and coming back empty. Seems like a huge amount of ordinance to be attacking a terror group or band of pirates.
Other reports from the area suggest special ops teams operating from offshore naval staging and command vessels.This is a combination that rarely is used together but,makes a deadly combination when one specop team acts as a forward locating and target designation.Followed by high precision fast moving fighter/bomber strikes at key tactical targets. Then followed by a slightly larger heavier armed sweeping team to take advantage of the chaos,fear,and confusion to achieve an inescapable extremely fast cleansing of the earth.
Regardless of the total accuracy of these reports enough have been received that confirm that there are US war planes conducting missions at an undisclosed location in or around the Eastern coastline of Northern Africa.
This new strategy of shadow warfare and keeping the citizens in the dark and or deception and diversion tactics and policies is very alarming. In hiding these events and circumstances from the people of the US the true merit of the underlying agenda is clearly shown to be less than moral or legal.Such juvenile behavior will surely be harmful to how the US is viewed on the world stage as well as continuing to sew the seeds of distrust and disapproval by the citizens.At some point it appears that the people of the US are going to have to set straight  this corrupt and disrespectful group of idiotic ,arrogant,criminals of Washington.The CIA and NSA are becoming rogue agencies and keeping way too many secrets and operating above the laws of the US. These groups along with Obama should take care not to do much more pushing for public approval is practically non-existent within the majority of the actively watching people of the US. At this point any move against citizen civil liberty by the President or any of these agencies could become an explosive and bloody house cleaning by the US citizens.If these idiots push the American patriotic public too far blood will mark these days forever.A truly wise and capable leader would put an end to the clandestine behavior towards it's own citizens before things begin to move in a direction that cannot be peacefully resolved.

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