Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Can a government function without going into debt?

Through out America's history there has been debt. The moment the US was born it was born into debt.In the beginning the debt was for the funding of the war for Independence,then because federal taxes were non-existent.None of the founding fathers had ever had any experience with a "democratic"government, so much of the debt of the early years were due to inexperience and could be considered a learning curve.
Today the debt comes from several factors,un-needed programs,dishonest programs,misuse of facilities and funds,lack of public oversight,lack of qualified leaders and more. The only president within the last 100 years to seriously make a positive change and balance the budget was Jimmy Carter.President Crater was intent to cut any lavish and unnecessary spending from the food served on Air Force One to White House dinners,and you see what happened to his administration.His own party turned on him and he never say a second term.This is a fundamental and moral flaw in our society,the notion that gain out weighs all else.
Congress and the Executive branch are forever locked in wrestling and wrangling over how to get out of debt,but never address all of the luxuries,benefits and misuse of funds.The US health care system and other programs that should be in place are cut and downsized but yet a roll of toilet paper cost the Fed about ten dollars. This is career politics at it's best,spending above and beyond reason.Along with paying ridiculously high prices to "contractors" and vendors that have ties to the Presidential and Legislative leaders,the government spends billions of dollars each year on financial and military aid to our allies and our enemies.Where is the rational of this?The tax paying citizen of the US is obligated to pay the incredible and out of control  sums of money that is irresponsibly or dishonestly spent each year.
It is time to demand accountability and every citizen should investigate the money spent and what it is spent on.After doing this each and every person should begin calling,e-mailing and writing letters to there area's elected officials.As long as there is no public out cry you are going to have these un-conceivable deficits and career politicians are going to further cut the tax rate for the class that they are in.
Demand more from these "public servants" by asking questions and spreading knowledge so that every one can see which elected officials should not see another term.
In the very near future the government will be called on to make some important changes due to laws and policies that have been put into place for the sole purpose of subduing citizens and limiting their ability to influence. When the government steps too far  and the US finally steps up and takes control , careful attention should be payed to vendors, and contractors and the services and/or products that they sell and remove any that are outrageous or not needed..It is time to put the US back on track and become the society that operates on values and honesty and end the many known and unknown wars.It's time to operate  without the debt.

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