Friday, May 18, 2012

Political Parade thoughts on Obama's aggressive attack on press freedom.

Why is the Obama administration so aggressively trying to bully the press?What are the reasons behind the subpoenas and appeals from DOJ? The Obama administration needs to back off of their assault on the Constitution from every angle.Obama and his corrupt corporate cronies are beginning to walk on the razor's edge and appears they don't really care that the public opinion of their actions has begun to turn from alarm to anger.The NSA and CIA have become rogue entities that act above all oversight and quite literally "do whatever  the hell they want",and the American people should reign in these out of control criminals before they end up causing the needless harm of US citizens by way of terrorist reprisal or from underworld evil false flag attacks by the agencies themselves. They have self approved the rights to do whatever they want to do in the name of "Freedom".Give me a break this corrupt men with blood soaked hands have not a shred of descent American Patriotism within them.If they did they wouldn't be violating civil liberties and working above the law.
What is Barack Obama afraid will leak out? This is just another of Obama's less than honest and questionable moves. If the Pres has nothing to hide along with NSA and CIA why are they so worried? They are worried because they either want to do something that the people of the US will not approve of or they have already done something that the people will not approve of. Either way these acts can be seen as criminal and Obama and his "buddies"in the spy world should be investigated with extreme prejudice and if or when any illegal activity has been discovered should be punished to the fullest extent of the LAW.
The people of the US have suffered fools such as these for too many years.Too many sons,daughter,husbands and fathers have paid the ultimate price for the lies and dishonest activities of the corrupt criminals in Washington. This country does not belong to the idiotic elite that are attempting to take total control.They are not intellectual enough to lead anyway,this is all too evident for the citizens of this country.The economy is broken and quite possibly will not weather the storm of idiots in control.Foreign policy has turned from being the model of justice and good to the world's evil empire.This is not due to the people of the US it is due to the immoral and criminal ridiculous behavior of insane madmen allowed to infiltrate our government by greedy fat waisted career politicians who need to get a job and pull their weight instead of bleeding the people of the US.
Eric J Fleming
See the article below for the outrageous behavior of the people we elect and pay to defend and protect us.
'Reporter's Privilege' Under Fire From Obama Administration Amid Broader War On Leaks

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