Sunday, July 15, 2012

Every week there are more and more disturbing events occurring within the governing body of the US,from passing laws that are contrary to The Constitution to The CIA's drone war and invasion of sovereign countries.The people of the US are facing not only enemies abroad but from within the halls of government.These issues present a very dangerous time for the US,and it is self evident that the "Red Blooded American " is alone in this valley of the shadows.The mainstream media that most people have grown to trust in the past for the critical information needed has betrayed the very hand that feeds and offers no help in this dark time in American history.The rights of American Citizens have diminished dramatically and privacy in reality no longer exists within the US.The NSA monitors every electronic form of communication used,Federal agencies can watch anyone at anytime with satellites with out any court order,Local and Federal agencies can now legally operate drones in the skies above America,and internet giants like Google and Facebook log internet activity and hand it over to government agencies,and on practically every street corner you can see surveillance equipment.The CIA has even laughed and admitted that soon they will be watching the citizen through their household appliances.The DHS has grown into a heavily armed and armor equipped force,even the IRS has been given it's own paramilitary type force.It is time for the public to drop the denial and delusions,the US is arming herself against her people.This treasonous act is being pursued more and more rapidly by the elected officials that have been entrusted with the defense of the people,and with the utmost contempt and hypocrisy the government openly condemns other governments that are in reality doing nothing different than the US government.
The President talks from both sides of his face and unfortunately mixes misinformation,deception and lies within his every public address removing any trust or merit.The CIA is waging wars that are unsupported and unregulated within the borders of other countries,killing civilians and friendly troops with no regard to the sovereignty of these countries.The White House and Pentagon release false reports on foreign policy and events,making claims that the war on terror has been won and have begun to draw troops from Afghanistan.Yet F-22's and F-16's are being deployed to undisclosed air bases within southern Asia.Decommissioned naval vessels have been called back into service and sent to the Persian Gulf while Washington says that there is not intent for war.The American public is being held in the dark and without any control of the direction the US takes.The stage is set,the pieces now line the board all that's left to be done is one emergency situation and martial law will be imposed.We are headed to a black hole and are nearing the event horizon and from there escape will be next to impossible,at the least bloody.Why are we being kept in the dark?The day is nearing ,how will the people of the US handle the coming attack on their very idea of life

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