Monday, April 30, 2012

DHS wants to read your brain — RT

This degree of paranoia running rampant within government agencies is dangerous and telling.Why would an American agency operated by Americans want to go to such far fetched extreme measures against it's own citizens?Why are all US citizens being viewed as possible suspects now?Is this paranoid stance all in good intentions or do they know something that we don't know? The guilty dog barks first and barks loudest.The alarming posture that the US government has taken is a very dangerous.It seems very likely that they know something big is about to take place or they are planning to do something big, We will soon find out.
DHS wants to read your brain — RT

Virginia lawmakers agree to reject NDAA — RT

It's good to see that there are still some citizens that believe in the Constitution
Virginia lawmakers agree to reject NDAA — RT

Darrell Issa: ‘Most corrupt’ government in history - Tim Mak -

Darrell Issa: ‘Most corrupt’ government in history - Tim Mak -

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Talks Between U.S. and Pakistan Fail Over Airstrike Apology -

 Here we go on the road to isolation.Pakistan has been less than forthcoming about insurgents moving within their borders but the US and the drone war of the CIA and then the recent bombing of Pakistani forces is a little over the line.From the country that is supposed to be above injustice and the beacon of righteousness and good on the world stage these intrusions are an embarrassment to the citizens of this country.Behavior of this sort will almost guarantee more anti American fanaticism that leads to terrorist groups growing along with funding and support for such groups.Despite the propaganda and excuses spouted from the pentagon and capitol hill this type of behavior is unacceptable from civilized intelligent adults. The people that feel entitled by birth or financial stature continue to show their inept ability to make intelligent decisions and inability to be leaders.
Talks Between U.S. and Pakistan Fail Over Airstrike Apology -

War on the horizon?

The US is quietly amassing the ultra formidable F-22 Raptors and upgraded F-15 Strike Eagles at bases in the Middle East.This force represents the most lethal air to air dog fight presence in the world.Is this a sign of impending air superiority intentions to clear the way for a land based invasion force?This comes after the U.S.S. Enterprise is pulled from the scrap yard and returned to service and sent to the Middle east.Are the powers that be setting the stage for an "incident"that will provide a reason to declare all-out war with Iran?It would not be the first time the US sacrificed a Naval vessel to open the door to war,which was the reasoning behind the Vietnam conflict. As well as the way Lincoln ignited hostilities leading the way to the Civil War. Considering the Naval power of the US and lack of hostile countries that possess the power to pose a viable threat, why would this antiquated air craft carrier be pulled from dry dock where it was slated to be dismantled and scrapped? If during the Enterprise's presence in the Gulf it comes under attack then the answer will be quite obvious and rather ridiculous.Maybe for the sake of the sailors aboard the vessel it is just an attempt to show overwhelming force in the area and to deter any further hostilities.
This is a mysterious move considering that tensions have begun to fall between Iran and the members of the UN due to reports and intelligence suggesting that Iran is not close to having the ability to produce a nuclear weapon of mass destruction.It is surprising that Obama is making this move after running defensive diplomatic stances at Israel earlier this year and trying to tame the Israeli war horse and prevent an Israeli preemptive strike. The events of the debate and lessened risk reports could possibly be just another "dog and pony"show to throw off the attention of the citizens of the US and other countries that oppose another war that the US cannot afford.Setting the stage for a false flag event where the US is wrongfully attacked in an attempt to win the support of the general public and the world,calling for grim and resolute response and another war.Time will tell and it would not surprise many people if the Enterprise were attacked and possibly sunk along with thousands of innocent navy men and women in the same questionable form as the attacks of Sept. 11th 2001. Surely the men that are in control of our government will not be that dense in thinking the people of this country will be fooled by such a predictable ploy.As stated,time will tell.

Friday, April 27, 2012

House Passes Controversial Cybersecurity Measure CISPA | Threat Level |

 House passes CISPA like good little sheep.
Apparently the elected officials that are supposed to represent our best interests in Washington have voted to remove some more of the small amount of civil liberties we have left.Every citizen should inquire this to find out the members of Congress that voted to pass this bill and see that they don't spend another term tearing down Liberty.The paranoid powers that be want to remove all sources of information available and have the right to spy on every citizen as if we were all criminals.This is so they can see potential threats to their power and control and implement the measures provided by the NDAA 2012 and make any who oppose their "Rule" disappear.These corrupt thieves and tyrants feel entitled to powers above and unrestricted by the Constitution of the US. For all those who are still in denial of the US becoming a totalitarian police state that is no longer for the people by the people it won't be much longer now and all doubt will fade into tears and dread.The IRS has revoked the passports of anyone owing back taxes along with removing their rights to purchase fire arms and have been given their own militarized swat force. Home land security has been building an army of armored vehicles and troops and weapons.The FAA has made it legal to operate drones in American airspace to spy on citizens.The NSA has built four huge new information gathering and monitoring facilities all across the US.Obama has implemented 60 year old EO's giving the executive branch absolute authority.The Legislative branch has passed laws removing the ability to peaceful protest.How much more do the sheep need to see?Unfortunately they are going to see a lot more in the days to come.The CIA has openly and disdainfully laughed and announced that they are going to make it mandatory that appliance manufacturers install GEO location and surveillance equipment into all new appliances so that they can"Spy on us through our dishwashers". All these among other attacks on the Constitution can be perceived as an attack on the sovereignty of the United States of America and all those guilty can be seen as treasonous. But it can't happen to us ,not here in the US.Right.

Living under the drones

The US drone program was put into action during 2000 and has escalated incredibly till present days.The first successful drones were for aerial recon and surveillance of ground forces for situational planning and strike force targeting.UN-manned aircraft like the predator A were so successful and undetectable that eventually the decision to outfit the drones with hell fire missiles seemed only logical.The predatorB came into it's own with hell fire missiles hanging under it's wings and the success of this new weapon ushered in a new type of warfare.For the first time in history a man could sit in a facility in the US and destroy targets on the other side of the planet.From owning a handful of drones in 2000 the US increased it's drone count to around 20,000 in 2012. The lethality of these drones have become more and more alarming and many countries around the world have adopted some form of drone army or are in the process of building one.Early in 2012 the FAA made it legal to own and operate drones within the US and now most law enforcement officials are buying their own drones for surveying and watching US citizens.Some of these "UAV's" are silent and can remain over an area for hours sending live images effectively removing the very little privacy the US citizen had left after the NSA began eavesdropping on every form of electronic communication. Although this is alarming the upsetting issue with drones is that they don't have to be the outrageously expensive type the military uses,they can be made from virtually any remote controlled hobby vehicle.This technology has opened a pandora's box of danger as anyone can develop their own drone and strap explosives,toxic chemicals or even biological weapons to it and fly it into any large public area and it will never be detected until it's too late.Of the 40 or so countries that are working on their own program it is hard to rule out that at some time one or more of these countries may become an opposition element of the US.This will mean that drones that are hostile could be flying over our heads along with the snooping police and intelligence drones.
The most frightening aspect of the latest drone tech is that of "Swarms",just like a swarm of angry bees many small drones are given a target or target area and sent on their way to deliver an unstoppable onslaught of attacks. Since they are too small to effectively be detected with radar a swarm  would simply fly in and devastate any highly populated area.
Since our super intelligent leaders working at the CIA have decided to use their drones to kill targets within borders of countries that we are not openly at war with(invaded sovereign countries and killed their citizens)and that have not given any permission to kill their citizens,it is likely that terror drones will soon be paying a visit to our shores and exacting retribution upon people that had no prior knowledge of what our less than legal and incredibly corrupt and dishonest intelligence agencies were doing. Apparently Obama has ramped up the drone war in the air and surface operating drones and robots so the infamy and cold killing reputation of the US will be increasing.
Taking the human element out of war has it's own moral problems as lethal force is more readily used due to risk factor and the indifference of killing from thousands of miles away.This makes for improved safety for the military but increases the danger of civilians.More and more the US is moving away from being the model of justice and freedom in the world to becoming the despised ruthless bully that thinks that no border or boundary can stop it's will.This is a very dangerous position to be placed by idiots who make war as a means of financial gain and political power.
Many of the top universities in this country are racing as fast as possible to create even more immoral and alarming technologies.MIT and the like are working feverishly to create an autonomous humanoid type battle droid that is straight out of a science fiction novel. In the rush to create such an extremely dangerous technology they apparently have missed the inherent danger in this endeavor. Top military leaders claim that humans will never be taken out of the loop but the people researching and developing these abominations laugh and say that the goal they are after is much more than any human could control. Total autonomy. Yes,there are peolpe that supposedly possess brilliance trying to build totally self controlled reasoning robot humanoid soldiers that will make their own decisions on the battle field,including the decision to kill.Even young children can see the danger and immorality of this type of machine.This would imply that the very men that are in such a hurry to create this emotionless butcher squad are void of morality or any common sense or ignorant denial has clouded their vision. Against such a force no human army will stand a chance not even the army that created the drones. 
With swarm drones and information networked humanoid soldier drones a very dangerous flaw exists,"Hackers" which are not just American teens having a little mischievous fun but the majority are from other lands. A swarm or squad of "terminators"hacked and controlled by terror groups are a very real element that seem to be overlooked,and set loose upon an urban location would deal thousands of deaths before any type of response could be mounted.
Who are these people we have making our decisions for us?How have we allowed such people come to lead and represent Americans on the world stage?Are we satisfied being known as the "Great Evil" ? Since when did we stop teaching our children that being virtuous and just is the right way to be? Our society and way of life is vanishing more every day and it seems that no one really cares,or that "nah it can't happen to us" denial has blinded everyone.
It can happen to us and it is happening to us now.We are already living under the drones and soon will be living among them.How long before the terror drones' wave of death comes to your home town?Think that this is a false possibility?You're online do a search and look it up,the danger is very real according to top minds in the field,many of whom have halted their participation.

1079ckLARGE-drone-assassina.jpg (JPEG Image, 864 × 1146 pixels) - Scaled (48%)

Very enlightening comic strip about being targeted for drone attack. Check it out.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cybersecurity Measure Heads to House Floor Despite Privacy Fears | Threat Level |

Where have these people come from?How have the citizens of this country elected people that are completely against the American way of life?Where were these people during history class?Or is it that they are completely corrupt of incredibly stupid?Either way the citizens of this country should take the time to investigate who in office have voted in favor of the laws that have taken away our liberties and see to it that they do not serve another term.Actually some of the laws are such violations of the Constitution that the sponsors should be tried for treason.

Anonymous tweetbomb: Hacktivists round on CISPA — RT

 In this country today the base corruption and ridiculous schemes and scams of the government and the immoral special interest groups that control the career politics cronies have become rather aggravating and tiresome....HEY IDIOTS,GET A LIFE! Get out of the lives and personal liberties of the people that make it possible for you to live lavish comfy lives while doing absolutely nothing to earn such a living.Are you people that stupid that you don't understand how well you have it made?You cannot exercise even a tiny bit of self discipline and shut the hell up? If the government of this country went a week without doing something stupid the entire world would be in shock.Ridiculous pompous fools,are going to push and push until this business gets out of hand and then we will all suffer for their lack of cognitive abilities.To all the sheep out there who keep voting Republican or Democrat ,when these idiots destroy the American way of life you have no reason to say anything.Anyone of descent moral value would vote for any on the ballot other than another crony of the "big two".

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Arrests as Occupy slams mortgage bankers in San Francisco (PHOTOS) — RT

Even Wells Fargo shareholders were among the protestors outside the San Francisco annual meeting of Wells Fargo.Once again the police detained over twenty people for peacefully exercising their rights.At what point are police and law enforcement going to understand that violating the Constitution of the United States is violating the law by way of high treason?Are they so easy to mislead into thinking it is lawful and moral to oppress the rights of citizens?Do they posses the intelligence to comprehend that these rights are their rights too ?Apparently they have a hard time understanding that their children will live in the same Corporate Controlled Dictatorship that everyone's children will live as once-free slaves to the will of tyrants.

Ex-spy: Destroying CIA tapes purged 'ugly visuals' - Tuesday, April 24, 2012 | 2:15 p.m. - Las Vegas Sun

 In this article from AP ex CIA head defends torture and argues that political "hand ringing" is not protecting the US. What this morally inept person fails to comprehend is that there has to be a point in which we as a people draw a line.Otherwise are we any better than the enemy we fight? Also by lowering our standards and falling to the level of the enemy we allow that enemy victory.Ignorant blind men like this misguided person would remove all of the rights and liberties in which our fathers and grandfathers bled the ground red to defend.Now our sons and daughters are making the most precious ultimate sacrifices and dying while honestly believing that they are defending our freedom and way of life as well as upholding a moral obligation.The tragedy of this is that they are actually giving their lives for a "Governing Corporate Insurgency"that's agendas are Not in any way moral and just,but driven by greed and influenced by entities that should in no way have ever been allowed to influence any US policy.

Obama moves to block sales of surveillance tech to Syria, Iran - Computerworld

 The blatant hypocrisy within the halls of our government are an embarrassment to the majority of it's citizens.An executive branch administration that aggressively attacks the privacy and Constitutional Rights of it's own citizens then turns and spews freedom and civil liberty rhetoric at the governing body of another country.This "New"morality of leadership should be called "See-Saw Standards". No one can be sure where the US stands on issues of human rights and Liberty today because of the roller coaster policies and and quick right angles in which our elected officials turn in hopes of eluding and evading direct accountability.This tactic has apparently been devised and engineered as a means to create a fog of confusion and psychological doubt.The alarming reality is that this type of "wiggling"through morality and "distorting" vision is an advanced technology that has thus far been very effective in successfully accomplishing questionable goals.It is difficult to confront an aggressor that you cannot predict.A new understanding and way of keeping elected PUBLIC SERVANTS within the rules of the game are going to have to be developed and implemented as soon as possible.The sad truth in the US today is that the organizations we look to for protection are the greatest threat to our freedom. 

CISPA concerns spread in Congress - Computerworld

Yes, the 99% Spring is a Fraud » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Social Security Slated to Run Dry in 2033, Trustees Warn | PBS NewsHour | April 23, 2012 | PBS

If greed could be turned to gold.

A group of tech billionaires announced plans to mine the asteroid belt for precious metals this week.Planetary Resources Inc. plans to send swarms of robots into space to scout and then mine the abundant materials and ship them back to earth,flooding the world economy with billions of dollars and ensure the prosperity of mankind.....There are no limits to the greed and arrogance.Apparently this new corporation has already secured the financial backing to take on this daunting task,which should be an embarrassing issue for the people and the government of the United States.At a time when government corruption and corporate greed have rendered Americas space program impotent and without funding to even exist,arrogant and belligerent sectors of society public announce unbelievably risky capitalist ventures.Either they are so diluted by self entitlement that they do not recognize the insult and disrespect of this to the 99% of the population.Through the unchecked and immoral leeching of tax dollars and by influencing laws and regulations and tax rates by the 1%,the citizens of the US and the world face economic and social disaster.These men must not have any regard for the thoughts and sentiment of the very people that they have systematically stolen from until quite literally there is nothing left to steal.
The ridiculous claim that flooding the world's economy suddenly with such large amounts of precious metals will ensure the prosperity of mankind is an indication as to why our economy is approaching a total collapse.By dabbling in law making and foreign policy to funnel wealth into their own pockets these types of men have been controlling the government for years and regardless of delusions of self grandeur it appears that they are not competent to be in control or lead.
Although this venture is claimed to be privately funded somewhere some type of tax break or scientific grant or reward of some type is looming in the background.The risk of such a mission is astronomical and potentially dangerous to the very existence of mankind.The known unknowns and the unknown unknowns of such a venture could threaten the planet.Sadly the general public can't even rely on science in this situation because scientists thirst for knowledge and exploration and since the public has been stripped of it's ability to fund scientific programs the scientific world will now be influenced and controlled by corporate America.Within the last decade the people of the US have been losing civil liberties and the gap of wealth has been increasing rapidly.The middle class are sliding toward poverty and the poor are becoming homeless.Alarmingly since the end of the last year the loss of liberty has accelerated to a pace that most people cannot logically comprehend.Now events are beginning to show signs of a long term methodical plan devised to empower a particular group to control not only this country but the entire world.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Google's Sergey Brin: China, SOPA, Facebook Threaten the 'Open Web' | Epicenter |

This is but another of the symptoms of a world where freedom is dying.The only cure for this is a people united and resolute to demand a change from the public service sector that's wages are being paid by the very people it attempts to subdue.
Google's Sergey Brin: China, SOPA, Facebook Threaten the 'Open Web' | Epicenter |

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Monsanto Threatens to Sue Vermont if Legislators Pass a Bill Requiring GMO Food to Be Labeled | Food | AlterNet

Monsanto has shown that it does not care whatsoever about being an honest business and has no respect for the public or the government of the US.This agri-mafia considers itself above the law and every citizen of the US is nothing more than peasantry to be forced into buying their product.The winds of change are beginning to blow Monsanto,and when the hurricane force winds whip through this land it will press harder upon your walls of false entitlement and delusions of invincibility.After the storm your bacterial presence will undoubtedly be carried from the land like the dust of the farms you have destroyed.Nail biting politicians will be removed within the next decade due to the citizens' disgust and a new class of elected official will begin to appear.For what come around surely goes around.
Monsanto Threatens to Sue Vermont if Legislators Pass a Bill Requiring GMO Food to Be Labeled | Food | AlterNet

'War on drugs' has failed, say Latin American leaders | World news | The Observer

This could be a move to address the issues that lead to drug abuse......Although it is most likely due to the huge wealth of the drug cartels and their ability to influence politics.
'War on drugs' has failed, say Latin American leaders | World news | The Observer

BBC News - North Korea moves rocket into place for launch

BBC News - North Korea moves rocket into place for launch

Friday, April 6, 2012

The day before the attack on September 10th 2001 Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon had LOST 2.3 trillion dollars,and simply could not account for the money.2.3 Trillion Dollars.Was anyone ever held accountable for this astronomical sum of missing money?According to history no one was ever investigated.At a time when the economy of the US is falling into the abyss isn't it time someone stood up and demanded answers to the theft of tax payers dollars?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Family Ties To Marriott Heirs Pay Off For Romney : NPR

This report and interview on NPR is a textbook example of why and how the US is not a land for the free or of the people,but a land owned by the corporate and super rich.The ability to influence laws by the wealthy BEYOND the ballot box is a blatant insult to every tax paying American citizen.In the interview take note of "Most but not all of their contributions have gone to Republicans."and"It was never for anything related to a particular party. It was more of a focus on what would be best for the lodging industry and what would be best for the tourism industry," says Beck, who says Marriott employees were encouraged to give to candidates with an eye toward helping the company.-NPR
What is best for the lodging industry may or may not be what is best for our citizens, that is the problem we face today.As it stands at this point in time apparently the self entitled 1% may be the most industrious of people in this land but not the most intelligent.The proof of this is the collapsing economy and destructive foreign policies and the loss of respect on the world stage.My fellow Americans it is you and I that will pay for their greed and ignorance with our blood and hunger and the loss of God given rights.Only when we can come together and drop the divisionism can we as a people set this criminal treason to right. Only together can we protect the sovereignty of this great land and the Constitution that it was founded upon.God Bless America and it's people. 
Family Ties To Marriott Heirs Pay Off For Romney : NPR

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

NDAA 2012 law suit

A few brave patriotic men have taken the huge burden upon themselves to stand up and fight for the rights of every citizen of this country.This very well could be their ruin and the loss of brilliant careers that they have selflessly laid upon the table in the name of each and every one of us.Do we let these men face the most powerful self entitled government in history?Should we as a people let these brave few carry our cross?No we have a duty to our children,ourselves,this great land,and the men and women that have bled the ground red with blood and payed the ultimate price to preserve and protect our freedom.We have a duty to so many of our family,friends and neighbors to stand along side of these truly honorable patriots and show them that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.I will provide every resource and means of support that I can find so at very least we can show our gratitude and willingness to stand proudly in support of The United States of America and the Constitution on which it was founded.That said,everyone should see this report and interview.Please start showing your support by sharing this video with any who will listen

» 25 Years for Politically Incorrect Speech in Arizona Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

The new martial law state of America has started rearing it's ugly head this week.What was thought to be a long and non-aggressive shift has turned into a top fuel drag doesn't look like the government is going to waste any time.
» 25 Years for Politically Incorrect Speech in Arizona Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Media Roots: DEA & IRS Raid on Oakland Pot Clinics

Media Roots: DEA & IRS Raid on Oakland Pot Clinics

Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA | Threat Level |

Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA | Threat Level |

FDA To Fund Controversial Research Foundation : Shots - Health Blog : NPR

This is the kind of policies that make it possible for big corporations to gain control of the people and our country.It is beyond my comprehension that grown men would either be so ignorant and naive or so blatantly criminal in the name of the public,

FDA To Fund Controversial Research Foundation : Shots - Health Blog : NPR

Answering a question on

mrshadyside1 says

I think that the "Elite" feel that no matter who or what it is, they are entitled to have their hand in it. For years now the tension between the internet and "Men of power"has been ever more visible. These two groups are threatened by true freedom and the ability of the common public to obtain unbiased and factual information. Power and capitol gain are put on a more level playing field when individuals have the information they need to make decisions.

"Regulate,regulate,control,control",The gears turn in the minds of the greedy and the paranoid.

If ACTA were meant to actually protect people's intellectual property and were not simply a means to "Launder Corrupt Policies"it would have been totally transparent and any information pertaining to it would be readily available for anyone's inspection,but it is not. This "secrecy"is an indication of it's true merit,corrupt and invasive with a smile and promise of the greater good.

The United States governmental and law enforcement officials have wanted to use the internet as a means of privacy invasion and information control and is a "huge thorn in the side"for those who usually work above and around the law.

This great democracy we live in"promotes" political unrest and demonstration as an unalienable right when it pertains to third world countries and dictators abroad ,yet takes away the right of it's own citizens to have peaceful, legal protest.(Occupy America)

We as a people are at a turning point in history and if we do not stand up for our rights now,in the not-so-far-future we won't have those rights.ACTA is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg,when IP's police and collect information on their users things will begin to snowball quickly. I fear that we may have been too"complacent" and too "naive" for years and to take this great land back will be next to impossible.

This is just my view on this troubling situation.Good question,thank you.

Also for anyone that has no knowledge of ACTA,here is a link to Wiki on the subject.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

For anyone unfamiliar with 3D printing technology watch this.Keep in mind that this is just fly-weight printing with composite materials,where there are a number of companies that print with aluminum,steel,copper,iron and other metals.Actually some of the cutting edge companies can print with a combination of metals and composites in one process. After you watch this imagine the impact this technology will have on employment within the next decade.This technology along with autonomous vehicles will do more to damage our society than anything in the history of mankind.I have written several articles on this subject because this technology has actually frightened me of things to come. Everyone working in manufacturing can expect to be replaced by this relatively inexpensive system within the next decade.