Friday, April 27, 2012

Living under the drones

The US drone program was put into action during 2000 and has escalated incredibly till present days.The first successful drones were for aerial recon and surveillance of ground forces for situational planning and strike force targeting.UN-manned aircraft like the predator A were so successful and undetectable that eventually the decision to outfit the drones with hell fire missiles seemed only logical.The predatorB came into it's own with hell fire missiles hanging under it's wings and the success of this new weapon ushered in a new type of warfare.For the first time in history a man could sit in a facility in the US and destroy targets on the other side of the planet.From owning a handful of drones in 2000 the US increased it's drone count to around 20,000 in 2012. The lethality of these drones have become more and more alarming and many countries around the world have adopted some form of drone army or are in the process of building one.Early in 2012 the FAA made it legal to own and operate drones within the US and now most law enforcement officials are buying their own drones for surveying and watching US citizens.Some of these "UAV's" are silent and can remain over an area for hours sending live images effectively removing the very little privacy the US citizen had left after the NSA began eavesdropping on every form of electronic communication. Although this is alarming the upsetting issue with drones is that they don't have to be the outrageously expensive type the military uses,they can be made from virtually any remote controlled hobby vehicle.This technology has opened a pandora's box of danger as anyone can develop their own drone and strap explosives,toxic chemicals or even biological weapons to it and fly it into any large public area and it will never be detected until it's too late.Of the 40 or so countries that are working on their own program it is hard to rule out that at some time one or more of these countries may become an opposition element of the US.This will mean that drones that are hostile could be flying over our heads along with the snooping police and intelligence drones.
The most frightening aspect of the latest drone tech is that of "Swarms",just like a swarm of angry bees many small drones are given a target or target area and sent on their way to deliver an unstoppable onslaught of attacks. Since they are too small to effectively be detected with radar a swarm  would simply fly in and devastate any highly populated area.
Since our super intelligent leaders working at the CIA have decided to use their drones to kill targets within borders of countries that we are not openly at war with(invaded sovereign countries and killed their citizens)and that have not given any permission to kill their citizens,it is likely that terror drones will soon be paying a visit to our shores and exacting retribution upon people that had no prior knowledge of what our less than legal and incredibly corrupt and dishonest intelligence agencies were doing. Apparently Obama has ramped up the drone war in the air and surface operating drones and robots so the infamy and cold killing reputation of the US will be increasing.
Taking the human element out of war has it's own moral problems as lethal force is more readily used due to risk factor and the indifference of killing from thousands of miles away.This makes for improved safety for the military but increases the danger of civilians.More and more the US is moving away from being the model of justice and freedom in the world to becoming the despised ruthless bully that thinks that no border or boundary can stop it's will.This is a very dangerous position to be placed by idiots who make war as a means of financial gain and political power.
Many of the top universities in this country are racing as fast as possible to create even more immoral and alarming technologies.MIT and the like are working feverishly to create an autonomous humanoid type battle droid that is straight out of a science fiction novel. In the rush to create such an extremely dangerous technology they apparently have missed the inherent danger in this endeavor. Top military leaders claim that humans will never be taken out of the loop but the people researching and developing these abominations laugh and say that the goal they are after is much more than any human could control. Total autonomy. Yes,there are peolpe that supposedly possess brilliance trying to build totally self controlled reasoning robot humanoid soldiers that will make their own decisions on the battle field,including the decision to kill.Even young children can see the danger and immorality of this type of machine.This would imply that the very men that are in such a hurry to create this emotionless butcher squad are void of morality or any common sense or ignorant denial has clouded their vision. Against such a force no human army will stand a chance not even the army that created the drones. 
With swarm drones and information networked humanoid soldier drones a very dangerous flaw exists,"Hackers" which are not just American teens having a little mischievous fun but the majority are from other lands. A swarm or squad of "terminators"hacked and controlled by terror groups are a very real element that seem to be overlooked,and set loose upon an urban location would deal thousands of deaths before any type of response could be mounted.
Who are these people we have making our decisions for us?How have we allowed such people come to lead and represent Americans on the world stage?Are we satisfied being known as the "Great Evil" ? Since when did we stop teaching our children that being virtuous and just is the right way to be? Our society and way of life is vanishing more every day and it seems that no one really cares,or that "nah it can't happen to us" denial has blinded everyone.
It can happen to us and it is happening to us now.We are already living under the drones and soon will be living among them.How long before the terror drones' wave of death comes to your home town?Think that this is a false possibility?You're online do a search and look it up,the danger is very real according to top minds in the field,many of whom have halted their participation.

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