Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Answering a question on Hubpages.com

mrshadyside1 says

I think that the "Elite" feel that no matter who or what it is, they are entitled to have their hand in it. For years now the tension between the internet and "Men of power"has been ever more visible. These two groups are threatened by true freedom and the ability of the common public to obtain unbiased and factual information. Power and capitol gain are put on a more level playing field when individuals have the information they need to make decisions.

"Regulate,regulate,control,control",The gears turn in the minds of the greedy and the paranoid.

If ACTA were meant to actually protect people's intellectual property and were not simply a means to "Launder Corrupt Policies"it would have been totally transparent and any information pertaining to it would be readily available for anyone's inspection,but it is not. This "secrecy"is an indication of it's true merit,corrupt and invasive with a smile and promise of the greater good.

The United States governmental and law enforcement officials have wanted to use the internet as a means of privacy invasion and information control and is a "huge thorn in the side"for those who usually work above and around the law.

This great democracy we live in"promotes" political unrest and demonstration as an unalienable right when it pertains to third world countries and dictators abroad ,yet takes away the right of it's own citizens to have peaceful, legal protest.(Occupy America)

We as a people are at a turning point in history and if we do not stand up for our rights now,in the not-so-far-future we won't have those rights.ACTA is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg,when IP's police and collect information on their users things will begin to snowball quickly. I fear that we may have been too"complacent" and too "naive" for years and to take this great land back will be next to impossible.

This is just my view on this troubling situation.Good question,thank you.

Also for anyone that has no knowledge of ACTA,here is a link to Wiki on the subject. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Counterfeiting_T

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