Saturday, April 28, 2012

War on the horizon?

The US is quietly amassing the ultra formidable F-22 Raptors and upgraded F-15 Strike Eagles at bases in the Middle East.This force represents the most lethal air to air dog fight presence in the world.Is this a sign of impending air superiority intentions to clear the way for a land based invasion force?This comes after the U.S.S. Enterprise is pulled from the scrap yard and returned to service and sent to the Middle east.Are the powers that be setting the stage for an "incident"that will provide a reason to declare all-out war with Iran?It would not be the first time the US sacrificed a Naval vessel to open the door to war,which was the reasoning behind the Vietnam conflict. As well as the way Lincoln ignited hostilities leading the way to the Civil War. Considering the Naval power of the US and lack of hostile countries that possess the power to pose a viable threat, why would this antiquated air craft carrier be pulled from dry dock where it was slated to be dismantled and scrapped? If during the Enterprise's presence in the Gulf it comes under attack then the answer will be quite obvious and rather ridiculous.Maybe for the sake of the sailors aboard the vessel it is just an attempt to show overwhelming force in the area and to deter any further hostilities.
This is a mysterious move considering that tensions have begun to fall between Iran and the members of the UN due to reports and intelligence suggesting that Iran is not close to having the ability to produce a nuclear weapon of mass destruction.It is surprising that Obama is making this move after running defensive diplomatic stances at Israel earlier this year and trying to tame the Israeli war horse and prevent an Israeli preemptive strike. The events of the debate and lessened risk reports could possibly be just another "dog and pony"show to throw off the attention of the citizens of the US and other countries that oppose another war that the US cannot afford.Setting the stage for a false flag event where the US is wrongfully attacked in an attempt to win the support of the general public and the world,calling for grim and resolute response and another war.Time will tell and it would not surprise many people if the Enterprise were attacked and possibly sunk along with thousands of innocent navy men and women in the same questionable form as the attacks of Sept. 11th 2001. Surely the men that are in control of our government will not be that dense in thinking the people of this country will be fooled by such a predictable ploy.As stated,time will tell.

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