Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anonymous tweetbomb: Hacktivists round on CISPA — RT

 In this country today the base corruption and ridiculous schemes and scams of the government and the immoral special interest groups that control the career politics cronies have become rather aggravating and tiresome....HEY IDIOTS,GET A LIFE! Get out of the lives and personal liberties of the people that make it possible for you to live lavish comfy lives while doing absolutely nothing to earn such a living.Are you people that stupid that you don't understand how well you have it made?You cannot exercise even a tiny bit of self discipline and shut the hell up? If the government of this country went a week without doing something stupid the entire world would be in shock.Ridiculous pompous fools,are going to push and push until this business gets out of hand and then we will all suffer for their lack of cognitive abilities.To all the sheep out there who keep voting Republican or Democrat ,when these idiots destroy the American way of life you have no reason to say anything.Anyone of descent moral value would vote for any on the ballot other than another crony of the "big two".

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