Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Obama moves to block sales of surveillance tech to Syria, Iran - Computerworld

 The blatant hypocrisy within the halls of our government are an embarrassment to the majority of it's citizens.An executive branch administration that aggressively attacks the privacy and Constitutional Rights of it's own citizens then turns and spews freedom and civil liberty rhetoric at the governing body of another country.This "New"morality of leadership should be called "See-Saw Standards". No one can be sure where the US stands on issues of human rights and Liberty today because of the roller coaster policies and and quick right angles in which our elected officials turn in hopes of eluding and evading direct accountability.This tactic has apparently been devised and engineered as a means to create a fog of confusion and psychological doubt.The alarming reality is that this type of "wiggling"through morality and "distorting" vision is an advanced technology that has thus far been very effective in successfully accomplishing questionable goals.It is difficult to confront an aggressor that you cannot predict.A new understanding and way of keeping elected PUBLIC SERVANTS within the rules of the game are going to have to be developed and implemented as soon as possible.The sad truth in the US today is that the organizations we look to for protection are the greatest threat to our freedom. 

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