Friday, April 27, 2012

House Passes Controversial Cybersecurity Measure CISPA | Threat Level |

 House passes CISPA like good little sheep.
Apparently the elected officials that are supposed to represent our best interests in Washington have voted to remove some more of the small amount of civil liberties we have left.Every citizen should inquire this to find out the members of Congress that voted to pass this bill and see that they don't spend another term tearing down Liberty.The paranoid powers that be want to remove all sources of information available and have the right to spy on every citizen as if we were all criminals.This is so they can see potential threats to their power and control and implement the measures provided by the NDAA 2012 and make any who oppose their "Rule" disappear.These corrupt thieves and tyrants feel entitled to powers above and unrestricted by the Constitution of the US. For all those who are still in denial of the US becoming a totalitarian police state that is no longer for the people by the people it won't be much longer now and all doubt will fade into tears and dread.The IRS has revoked the passports of anyone owing back taxes along with removing their rights to purchase fire arms and have been given their own militarized swat force. Home land security has been building an army of armored vehicles and troops and weapons.The FAA has made it legal to operate drones in American airspace to spy on citizens.The NSA has built four huge new information gathering and monitoring facilities all across the US.Obama has implemented 60 year old EO's giving the executive branch absolute authority.The Legislative branch has passed laws removing the ability to peaceful protest.How much more do the sheep need to see?Unfortunately they are going to see a lot more in the days to come.The CIA has openly and disdainfully laughed and announced that they are going to make it mandatory that appliance manufacturers install GEO location and surveillance equipment into all new appliances so that they can"Spy on us through our dishwashers". All these among other attacks on the Constitution can be perceived as an attack on the sovereignty of the United States of America and all those guilty can be seen as treasonous. But it can't happen to us ,not here in the US.Right.

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