Thursday, April 5, 2012

Family Ties To Marriott Heirs Pay Off For Romney : NPR

This report and interview on NPR is a textbook example of why and how the US is not a land for the free or of the people,but a land owned by the corporate and super rich.The ability to influence laws by the wealthy BEYOND the ballot box is a blatant insult to every tax paying American citizen.In the interview take note of "Most but not all of their contributions have gone to Republicans."and"It was never for anything related to a particular party. It was more of a focus on what would be best for the lodging industry and what would be best for the tourism industry," says Beck, who says Marriott employees were encouraged to give to candidates with an eye toward helping the company.-NPR
What is best for the lodging industry may or may not be what is best for our citizens, that is the problem we face today.As it stands at this point in time apparently the self entitled 1% may be the most industrious of people in this land but not the most intelligent.The proof of this is the collapsing economy and destructive foreign policies and the loss of respect on the world stage.My fellow Americans it is you and I that will pay for their greed and ignorance with our blood and hunger and the loss of God given rights.Only when we can come together and drop the divisionism can we as a people set this criminal treason to right. Only together can we protect the sovereignty of this great land and the Constitution that it was founded upon.God Bless America and it's people. 
Family Ties To Marriott Heirs Pay Off For Romney : NPR

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