Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If greed could be turned to gold.

A group of tech billionaires announced plans to mine the asteroid belt for precious metals this week.Planetary Resources Inc. plans to send swarms of robots into space to scout and then mine the abundant materials and ship them back to earth,flooding the world economy with billions of dollars and ensure the prosperity of mankind.....There are no limits to the greed and arrogance.Apparently this new corporation has already secured the financial backing to take on this daunting task,which should be an embarrassing issue for the people and the government of the United States.At a time when government corruption and corporate greed have rendered Americas space program impotent and without funding to even exist,arrogant and belligerent sectors of society public announce unbelievably risky capitalist ventures.Either they are so diluted by self entitlement that they do not recognize the insult and disrespect of this to the 99% of the population.Through the unchecked and immoral leeching of tax dollars and by influencing laws and regulations and tax rates by the 1%,the citizens of the US and the world face economic and social disaster.These men must not have any regard for the thoughts and sentiment of the very people that they have systematically stolen from until quite literally there is nothing left to steal.
The ridiculous claim that flooding the world's economy suddenly with such large amounts of precious metals will ensure the prosperity of mankind is an indication as to why our economy is approaching a total collapse.By dabbling in law making and foreign policy to funnel wealth into their own pockets these types of men have been controlling the government for years and regardless of delusions of self grandeur it appears that they are not competent to be in control or lead.
Although this venture is claimed to be privately funded somewhere some type of tax break or scientific grant or reward of some type is looming in the background.The risk of such a mission is astronomical and potentially dangerous to the very existence of mankind.The known unknowns and the unknown unknowns of such a venture could threaten the planet.Sadly the general public can't even rely on science in this situation because scientists thirst for knowledge and exploration and since the public has been stripped of it's ability to fund scientific programs the scientific world will now be influenced and controlled by corporate America.Within the last decade the people of the US have been losing civil liberties and the gap of wealth has been increasing rapidly.The middle class are sliding toward poverty and the poor are becoming homeless.Alarmingly since the end of the last year the loss of liberty has accelerated to a pace that most people cannot logically comprehend.Now events are beginning to show signs of a long term methodical plan devised to empower a particular group to control not only this country but the entire world.

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