Sunday, August 5, 2012

Poverty The enemy that is ignored.

In the US presidential candidates are standing on stages and battling back and fourth with their mud slinging tactics and boldly claiming to be trying to help the middle class. It's middle class this and middle class that while ignoring the citizens that are in the most desperate need of protecting,the poor.The numbers of people living at or below the poverty line has skyrocketed in recent years to a crippling high of 16 %.One out of every three Americans are hovering dangerously close to the poverty level or living below it. The tragedy of being poor is often viewed by those more fortunate as laziness or inability to compete on a intellectual level,but according to research and investigation this is a misconception.Yes there are some small percentage of people who are in poverty that have made bad decisions and or haven't put forth their best effort to work,but the vast majority of people living in poverty are employed and working as hard as possible to provide for their families.
Why then is there so much poverty?There are many reason that the US is losing or has already lost the war on poverty and the biggest reason being a failing economy.Which has come from a fundamental drop in moral fiber within the wealthiest of Americans.Low business ethics lowered average wages,moving jobs oversees to increase profit,are but a few of the reasons Americans are trapped within poverty.The unpunished criminal behavior of Wall Street bankers left not only the US in financial upheaval but also bankrupted several entire countries around the globe.Has anything truly been done to prevent this type of bad business?No in fact impoverished peoples of the US help to bail out these corrupt and morally lacking individuals who received nothing more than a slap on the wrist. All the while Obama and Romney spew lies and false hope to the weakening middle class in contest for the next term in office. One thing you will not hear on the campaign trail is any attempt or stance to stop the corrupt shadow wars in third world countries and policies to take up arms against poverty.
Poverty equals dependence and dependence equates to nothing more but a means of control by the US government.People who rely on food stamps and government aide are in no position to stand in opposition to big government.Biting the hand that feeds is not an option for the poor.This type of control has been the norm through out the history of the human species and is on the rise again here in the land of equal opportunity.The ever increasing wealth gap between the ultra wealthy and the very poor is increasing and this problem is being ramped up by the super rich politicians which have taken control of the US government.Policy makers within the hallowed halls of government twist and skew law to fit the agendas of their super rich peers to ever increase the strangle hold on the common people of the US.This is but another tactic in the toppling of the Constitution of the US and is easily overlooked or ignored by most Americans due to a ridiculous perception of the as being "less"or "too sorry to work".
The blind denial of middle class citizens and false hope spewed by fat cat career politicians has effectively blinded most Americans to the possibility of joining the poor.Within the next 50 years the middle class will disappear and only a very few will join the ranks of the wealthy with the vast majority becoming dependent on state aide for survival.
Ever wonder how many Americans that hold office within the federal and state government were poor before being elected?The number is an astounding zero.This is not natural selection of the best qualified for the job it is a symptom of a politically corrupt hold on power.The candidate that wins is the candidate that is most easily led and controlled by established heads of power.This is the root of poverty within the US,not uneducated lazy citizens,but ridiculously corrupt unqualified cronies that can neither do the job in which the hold nor have the moral fiber to do the right thing on any level.With the exception of the elected officials that are intellectually incapable of seeing the corruption and blindly supporting their party.
The economy in recent years is a testament to the failure of the party system within government and should be a clear indication that the most wealthy Americans might have been lucky in financial pursuits but are not intellectual enough to see the consequences of their scramble to accumulate as much wealth as possible.The poor and lower middle class of Americans determine the health of any economy due to the amount of money they spend.Statistically the poor and lower middle class make up about 70% of flowing cash and business in any economy.This would imply that if the poor and lower middle class have no money to spend then every financial class will eventually suffer and in the end there will be the very few super rich and then everyone else.During this decline the US will become ever more dependent on foreign investing which will sway foreign policy and give control to powers that operate outside the US and quite possibly enemies of the US.For any who cannot see the decline of the US on a socio-economic level it is time to open your eyes and take a hard look at the US on everyday street corners.Then take an objective and thorough look into the laws and policies created by Washington and what effect it actually has on the people.Nothing in recent years has been done to end poverty in the opposite many things have been done to increase it.
The only way the middle class will avoid poverty and the poor will escape it is by changing the group in control of Washington.To end poverty cleansing of government is the only real solution.The elimination of the two party system along with striking down all of the Constitutionally illegal laws passed recently along with illegal laws passed early in the last century to hold back independents from coming to power.
Alas few Americans can see through the propaganda and self denial of the impending storm and before the citizens of this land take a stand many will suffer.The cloud of fear and self importance is a fog that most cannot see through and will be the blockade that stops this land from becoming the great land it could potentially become.If we as a people are very lucky we will unite before many die and suffer needlessly for the gain of the few.

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