Saturday, March 31, 2012

What is the NDAA?
Every year Congress authorizes the budget of the Defense Department by means of the National Defense Authorization Act.Seems simple enough.So why is this year any different than previous years?Why should we be alarmed?This year's legislation contains alarming provisions that empower the United States Armed Forces to engage in civlian law enforcement and the ability to suspend habeas corpus,due process,and other Constitutional rights indefinitely without trial.

Can you say,"Bye Bye Constitution"?
The NDAA 2012 allows the Armed Forces to selectively suspend many 5th and 6th ammendment rights of terror suspects on U.S. soil.With the signing of this bill President Obama made indefinite detention lawful and severely weakened the Constitutional rights of all U.S. citizens.According to the constitution this is illegal.Yet it remains and it has also remained out of the headlines of mainstream news.

Section 1021 of the NDAA allows that,foriegn nationals who are alleged to have commited or suspected of sympathizing with,or providing any level of support to any" group" that the U.S. "designates" as a terrorist organization or affiliate or associated force can be imprisoned, without formal charges or trial,until the end of hostilities.This is a very broad and general definition of possible people covered by the the law.Since the war on terror is actually just a war on a "tactic",not a state,it is without parameters and indefinite.With this law the government can detain indefinitely,anyone they percieve a threat to national security and stability.The undeniable open ended definition can be used to detain demonstators and peaceful protesters excercising their First Ammendment Rights.While the law does not directly pertain to U.S. citizens and legal aliens,it does not exclude or protect them in any way.The law strengthens and broadens the executive branches authority given by the 2001 AUMF(Authorization for Use of Military Force).

Section 1022 of the law does pertain to U.S. citizens and allows open ended executive judgement in regard to handling U.S. citizens making detention of citizens an "option"instead of a "requirement" as it is for a non citizen of the U.S. How sweet and thoughtful.The reality here is that any U.S. citizen can "legally"be detained indefinitely and executed without a trial. Yes ,Executed without a trial.Can you say,"Bye Bye Constitution"?

President Obama included with his signature a promise that his administration would never detain U.S. citizens indefinitely without trial.What it does not include is a promise that every administration following his will do the same.Also this wieghtless promise does not mean that at any time this administration cannot change it's mind and legally detain anyone indefinitely. No one on the planet is now legally protected from the U.S. to snatch them from bed at night and haul them to Guantanamo and leave them there forever.With the totalitarian authority given to the executive branch and open ended definitions of terrorist,anyone is subject to "disappear" without their having to have been any substantial evidence of guilt what-so-ever.This law stands to produce a paranoia similar to the Salem Witch Hunts and the Spanish Inquisition where all one has to do is report a rival or enemy or someone they are at odds with and since there's no need for a trial they are burned at the stake. This may seem improbable but to be honest with one's self so did the Inquisition.The potential for this to become a serious threat to the way of life of every U.S.citizen is tremendous.From a patriot citizen this law could honestly be perceived as a direct attack on the sovereignty of this country and the principles on which it was founded. Insisting that everyone that facilitated the passing of this law is in conflict with the Constitution of The United States of America and attempting to topple said Constitution and guilty of treason.

The ability of the government to pass this type of law is a direct reflection of the state of complacency and self centered mind set of the citizens of the U.S.Another sobering fact that is lying in the shadows and may be a fore telling of things to come is the fact that this legislation continues spending huge amounts of money on "defense"when all troops are being drawn from Iraq and military leaders have announced the completion of the U.S.'s mission in Afghanistan.Why continue to spend money that they don't have when the debt is in ridiculously high numbers on defense that supposedly isn't needed?

In conclusion
The NDAA 2012 is now written in the history of the United States of America. The law is available to view and is not a far fetched tale fabricated by paranoid conspiracy theorists.

The National Defense Authorization Act authorizes the military and executive branch to detain indefinitely without trial anyone on the planet that they perceive as a threat to the Government of the U.S.It does not contain any protection from this unlawful detention for citizens of the U.S.and allows for an open ended and unaccountable authority over the citizens by the military and executive branch of the government.

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