Friday, March 23, 2012

Be Bold Be Proud Be Free

The greatest collection of words I have personally heard of or read by any man the last three hundred years.Spoken not to masses in a false representation to solicit votes but to the few behind closed doors in opposition to corruption. One of only a very tiny group that actually holds the interests of the citizens of this country as important. If you claim to be a patriot of the United States of America you should listen to this speech and look beyond the propaganda and through the lies and programming that you have been exposed to since your birth.This speech is not for anonymous,this speech is in defense of the Constitution.It was delivered to a Congress that normally cannot agree on anything but was almost unanimous in agreement with removing your Constitutional rights.If you can hear these words and not understand the levity of the situation that now confronts us all,I suggest you take the time from your busy lives,push back the fearful or doubtful thoughts of denial and simply read the now active laws that is readily available on multiple information sites. The only way to halt the march of tyranny is to educate those who unknowingly or inadvertently support the corrupt men who intend on total domination of our society."This can't really be happening to us.Not America."Really? So Empirical power and greed are a new thing to the human race?Not according to man's long history.Freedom and Justice are but tiny flashes of light in the dark history of mankind.A history shrouded by the cloak of greed and power of the few over the many.Fear and submission was our heritage until the founding of this Great Country,and even then it has been attacked from within on numerous occasions.It is under attack this very moment and liberty and equality are on the ropes with blacked eyes and bleeding cuts.Un-learn the programming,wipe the fog from your eyes and with calm determined outrage be resolute.Let go of petty differences between each other and focus on the rising enemy that is intent on seeing this country and the world as slaves.Is a totalitarian state the heritage you want to let your children and grandchildren inherit?Do you want to tell them bed-time stories of "the good old days" and how everyone was equal and free to live as they pleased?If not then accept the responsibility and duty to refresh the memories of the "public servants"that see you as cattle to be controlled and herded in whatever direction"they"see fit.Stand up and show your outrage over the irresponsible management of your money and the nonchalant theft that is the norm.Stand up and demand accountability of the men and women that have committed crimes against the Constitution and hold anyone involved in passing laws in violation with that Constitution accountable for treason against the sovereignty of the US.We the citizens of this country should not be controlled by the few at the top,they should be controlled by the citizens and the law.Decide soon who you are and in what values you believe,for your enemy has already began their first move.
Eric J Fleming

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