Saturday, March 24, 2012

Repair the broken system.remove political parties from "OUR"government

When this country was in it's beginning stages several of the prominent founding fathers were against allowing the party system.Their warnings fell on deaf ears unfortunately and now as testimony of the brilliance of these men we the people of the US find ourselves faced with martial law . We have lost a substantial portion of our Constitutional rights and the debt our government has laid upon us is overwhelming at the least.At a time when the world has begun to view this country as violent oppressors our government spouts rhetoric of reform and freedom against the leaders of third world countries and encourages demonstration and revolution to people living in these countries.While hypocritically removing the freedom of peaceful protest,free speech,freedom of the press on it's own shores and passes laws allowing the executive branch to police and detain indefinitely it's own citizens.This country has been viewed as a beacon of hope and equality in the past but sadly due to the base corruption of the governing body and special interest groups is now seen as the great evil on the earth.The time has come to once again be the force of liberty and freedom and this can only be attained by a unified collective voice of outrage and a demand of change.Our fathers bled the ground red to ensure our rights and freedom and if we lose it then their sacrifice was for nothing.The time has come to let go of petty disagreements and bickering among us and embrace one another and stand together and demand change.

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