Saturday, February 25, 2012


This is The Darkside of the political and social spot light.As we proceed into the future it is the inherent right of all citizens of this great land to have an objective,non-biased,informative view of world news and politics that are directly or otherwise pertaining to The United States Of America and her interests and close allies.The articles and reports contained within these pages are in no attempt to alter or sway opinions of policies,officials,or organizations of this land.These pages are here to provide an objective,un-biased,free resource of information. There will not be any mainstream posts,video,articles,or other wise from leading network news organizations(NBC,CBS,ABC,FOX,CNN,etc.).Factual research and studies of news and occurrences are the goal of this informational resource. Being said the operator/owner of this site may not agree with some of the opinions held by writers,news anchors or journalists found within.Thorough screening of information has been attempted here to provide any viewer with ideally an un-biased and truthful account of issues that directly influence the welfare of ,first and foremost,the citizens of this Union of States. This service is here for the citizen so please feel free to comment and voice your opinion of anything found within.This is your right and your comments/complaints/suggestions will be welcome because this service is here for all.
Thank You.
Eric Joseph Fleming

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